Actors & Partners

Who is active for us - players in the region itzehoe

The Forum of the Region is the platform to communicate the idea “Itzehoe Region – Hightech & Lust for Life in the North”. Events from the region and for the region take place regularly in the rooms of the Forum at Berliner Platz 1 in Itzehoe’s old town.

Members, partners, stakeholders

The Itzehoe region unites a large number of voluntary and full-time actors who have joined forces in various working committees:

Voting members of the steering group

  • Mayor Ralf Hoppe, City of Itzehoe
  • Mayor Karl-Heinz Bahr, Municipality of Breitenburg
  • Mayor Jürgen Tiedemann, Municipality of Lägerdorf
  • Mayor Matthias Pokriefke, Municipality of Münsterdorf
  • Mayor Thies Möller, Municipality of Oelixdorf
  • Mayor Klaus Krüger, Municipality of Bekmünde
  • Mayor Peter Rakowski-Dammann, Municipality of Heiligenstedten
  • Mayor Henning Klapdor, Municipality of Heiligenstedtenerkamp
  • Mayor Hans Otte, Municipality of Hohenaspe
  • Mayor Heiko Schmitt, Municipality of Oldendorf
  • Mayor Dirk Maaß, Municipality of Ottenbüttel
  • Mayor Claus Wilke, Municipality of Dägeling
  • Mayor Sven Baumann, Municipality of Kremperheide
  • Mayor Reiner Kortas, Municipality of Krempermoor
  • Mayor Jürgen Kulp, Neuenbrook Municipality
  • Mayor Peter-Michael Neumann, municipality of Rethwisch
  • Mayor Wolfgang Wein, Municipality of Hohenlockstedt
  • Mayor Gerd Möller, Municipality of Schlotfeld

Board members

Chairman: Ralf Hoppe, Bgm. City of Itzehoe


  • Jürgen Tiedemann, Mayor Lägerdorf
  • Reiner Kortas, Bgm. Krempermoor
  • Claudia Buschmann, Council Member City of Itzehoe
  • Wolfgang Wein, Bgm. Hohenlockstedt