Bock-auf-Biken cycling campaign

Until 31.10.22 – Bike-Benefit bicycle campaign in Schleswig-Holstein

Whether YOUNG, whether old – all cycle along for the climate, for the good cause & for rewards. WE also support the youth/ bike campaign with our own premiums. #BockAufBikenSH

Be rewarded for cycling? That sounds great, doesn’t it? With the Bike Benefit campaign, a reward system for cycling, users of the Bike Citizens app in Schleswig-Holstein can earn great prizes, vouchers and discounts until October 31, 2022. The more often trips are made by bike during the week, the more bonus points they earn with the app. These can be redeemed at local partner businesses/facilities throughout Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to the individual prizes, there are also many special prizes (Special Benefits) to be won!

All information about the campaign can be found here.