Cycling in the region

Experience the Itzehoe region actively

Distinguished as a cycling-friendly city, Itzehoe is an ideal starting point for cycling tours along the Stör River or on the Ochsenweg and Mönchsweg long-distance cycle paths. The Mönchsweg leads 340 km from Glückstadt on the Elbe to the island of Fehmarn through various scenic areas as well as places of ecclesiastical and cultural historical interest. We have put together varied bike tours of different lengths for you. You can also find more information on the Holstein Tourismuspage.

You already know the routes or want to try others? Use the bike route planner for Schleswig-Holstein!

Cycling tours (.pdf) Long-distance cycle routes in SH

Cycle routes from Komoot

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Bekau Tour

This bike tour runs several times over the Bekau and its tributaries and opens up magnificent views of the wide lowlands. Initially running parallel to the Brücken-Tour, the route branches off at the Heiligenstedten/Oldendorf town limit in the direction of Bekdorf/ Kleve. Here, the approx. 20 m high Geestkante rises impressively above the marshland. The tour continues to the “Muldsberger Grube”, a former clay pit. The lake is a real insider tip for those seeking relaxation. Via Oldendorf and the Julianka Forest we return to Itzehoe.

Start: Itzehoe, parking lot Malzmüllerwiesen

Tip: Muldsberg pit

Goods Tour

The impressive estates and large farms along the way give this tour its name. The route begins in Itzehoe and leads north of the city limits through the picturesque Geest landscape to Ottenbüttel, Kaaks and Mehlbek with the “Adeligen Gut Mehlbek”. The “Muldsberger Grube” can be reached via a short detour. The route continues on low-traffic routes in the direction of Kaisborstel and through the state forest Barlohe/Tiergarten and via Drage and Hohenaspe back to Itzehoe.

Start: Itzehoe, parking lot Malzmüllerwiesen

Tip: Mehlbek Manor, Muldsberger Grube

Auwiesen Tour

The Floodplain Meadows Tour initially runs together with the Goods Tour. Only in Drage it branches off to the northeast and leads on an approx. 3 km long section through the beautiful state forest Barlohe. Directly before the village of Peissen, a loop via “Helenenhof” is ideal to enjoy the typical Geest landscape undisturbed on low-traffic paths. From Peissen the tour leads through the Rantzau floodplain towards Ridders. After crossing the B 77, the route runs along the Hungriger Wolf airfield and finally reaches Itzehoe again on idyllic paths through meadows and forests.

Start: Itzehoe, parking lot Malzmüllerwiesen

Meadow and forest tour

Starting from Itzehoe, the route leads through the Störmarschen and the Breitenburger Gehölz to Oelixdorf. Shortly after leaving the town, the route branches off, runs via Schlotfeld to Hohenlockstedt and crosses the Rantzau valley before entering the town. In summer, the natural swimming pool “Lohmühlenteich” invites you to swim. Hohenlockstedt is a lively place with a lot to discover: Best with the offers of “Experience Hohenlockstedt”. Via Winseldorf and Oelixdorf along the Störniederung it goes back to the starting point in Itzehoe.

Start: Itzehoe, parking lot Malzmüllerwiesen

Castle Tour

The castle tour starts in Itzehoe and leads through the former estates of Breitenburg Castle. First, we head south to Breitenburg-Nordoe, where the Nordoer Tempel, built by Heinrich Rantzau, lies along the way. Via Dägeling, the route runs to Münsterdorf, where a detour to the lock and the marina is worthwhile. Passing the Breitenburg Castle Golf Club, the view of the castle opens up. The way back to Itzehoe is lined with varied forest and meadow landscapes.

Start: Itzehoe, parking lot Malzmüllerwiesen

Chalk tour

The route starts in Lägerdorf at the viewing platform, which offers an impressive view over the still active Heidestraße and Schinkel mines. Along the chalk pits the trail leads to Dägeling and reaches Kremperheide via the Bockwischer Weg, where the Geesthang rises on the right and the Bockwischer Moor extends on the left. In Itzehoe, a break in one of the many cafés or a city tour is a good idea. Along the Stör via Münsterdorf we return to the starting point.

Start: Lägerdorf, Gärtnerstraße.

Tips: Lägerdorf chalk pits viewing platform, Nordoer Heide, Breitenburg Castle.

Bridge Tour

On this tour you will cross numerous bridges that cross the Stör River and its tributaries. The route begins in Itzehoe and leaves the city limits in the direction of Heiligenstedten, where a detour to St. Mary’s Church and Heiligenstedten Castle is worthwhile. The way to the castle runs over the Störbrücke. A wooden bascule bridge used to stand here. On the southern bank is the former bridge keeper’s house.

Start: Itzehoe, parking lot Malzmüllerwiesen

Tips: Castle and historic bascule bridge in Heiligenstedten