Kreismuseum Prinzeßhof

Special exhibition "Cartoons by BECK

Beck has been publishing cartoons and illustrations since the early nineties, for a long time in DIE ZEIT, for a while also in stern and Brigitte, and currently in taz, natur magazine, Reader’s Digest magazine, Titanic, the AOK magazine Gesundheit + Gesellschaft, and the Swiss magazine K-Tipp (the “K” stands for consumers), among others. Originals by Beck are in the possession of museums, such as the Caricatura Museum in Frankfurt or the Erika Fuchs House in Schwarzenbach a.d. Saale, as well as in private collections.

Beck’s work has won many awards. Among other things, he has received the industry’s most prestigious award four times: the German Caricature Prize. Already in 2007, the Eulenspiegel-Gilde zu Mölln awarded him the “Till 2007”.

In the Prinzeßhof District Museum, Beck shows a selection of prints and originals of younger and older works (the so-called classics). The diverse graphics are supplemented by sketches, workbooks, and objects that show the creative process on the one hand and the reception of the work on the other.

Kreismuseum Prinzeßhof
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