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Exhibition "Avant-garde in the Netherlands

Photo: Jan-Altink-The-Red-Farm-1924-Collectie-Stichting-De-Ploeg-Loan-Groninger-Museum-Photo-Marten-de-Leeuw (c) Wenzel Hablik Museum

Avant-garde in the Netherlands. The expressionist group of artists De Ploeg

The awakening and interpenetration of art and life are phenomena of modernity that are associated with the artistic products of the Dutch artist group De Ploeg and are carried into our everyday lives today with this show. The exhibition is dedicated to the multifaceted work of a group of artists still undiscovered in Germany, who, similar to other groups or social forces at the beginning of the 20th century, aspired to a world for the better through the arts and attempted to break up authoritarian structures – in the midst of a period that was characterized by upheavals and upheavals in Europe between two world wars.

All arts should unite – that was the plan. Artists became individualists who did not follow the tastes of the masses, but developed their works out of inner conviction, thus making the separation of genres more and more fluid. Exhibitions, readings and lectures were organized, posters and logos were designed in order to develop them collectively in favor of a supra-regional visibility.

The exhibition presents over 100 works by De Ploeg artists for the first time in northern Germany. It offers an overview of the artistic and ideological relationships of these modern individualists, who set out from Groningen for new shores with their art, proclaimed their own conception of art, and related it to the outside world.

Presented will be a variety of works that will be placed in dialogue with Wenzel Hablik and Elisabeth Hablik-Lindemann on the upper floor of the museum in order to establish connections and differences.

More information is available here.

Duration: 19.03. – 29.05.2023

Opening on 19.03.2022 at 11:30 a.m.

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