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Exhibition "Humans and other animals of Tita do Rêgo Silva

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She has been working in her workshop in the middle of Hamburg for almost 30 years. Your apartment is not far. Born in 1959 in Caxias, Brazil, Tita do Rêgo Silva studied art at the University of Brasília and came to Germany in 1989. She really just wanted to look around for a year and stayed. Here she brought out her cultural roots, her homesickness was expressed in colorful images, she found her current sphere of activity.

Working as a freelance artist in the cool north awakened in her the warm color palette of Brazil: childhood memories intertwine with mythical creatures. The woodcut, which has a great tradition in the northeast of Brazil, becomes her adequate means of expression. The confrontation with the colorful world of her Brazilian childhood leads to her visual language.

With the colorful, fabulous pictures of Tita do Rêgo Silva we welcome the summer.

The exhibition starts on Saturday, May 13, at 5 p.m. with an interview that will then appear as a new episode on Kultur und Wort, der Kunst-Podcast ausm Norden – and will run until June 30.

More info is available here.

Galerie 11
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