Galerie 11

Exhibition "Voices of the eyes

Exhibition by Doris Waschk-Balz and Sonja Koczula

Every spring, Gallery 11 presents art exclusively by women. This year Gallery 11 is showing Doris Waschk-Balz’s realistic terracotta sculptures and bronzes together with Sonja Koczula’s gestural paintings. Both artists exhibit together for the first time. An exciting field of activity is emerging.

Doris Waschk-Balz (born 1942) studied ceramics and sculpture in Stuttgart and Hamburg. For over 50 years she has been a freelance sculptor with several works of art in public spaces as well as a medalist. For them, the focus is on the human being in space in ever new conceptions in almost infinite variations.

Sonja Koczula (born 1976) studied art, art education and literature in Osnabrück, specializing in painting and graphic arts. Her painting is also carried by the dialogue between positive and negative forms, which arise as if by chance through her powerfully drawn paths on the canvas or paper.

The exhibition opens with an interview at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4, and then runs through March 18. Opening hours: Thu 11-14 h, Fri 15-18 h, Sat 11-14 h.

Galerie 11
Breitenburger Straße 1
25524 Itzehoe

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