Kreismuseum Prinzeßhof

Special exhibition "Aged with Dignity

Buildings in the countryside in the district of Steinburg

Steinburg County has been a region dominated by agriculture for centuries. The Wilster- and Krempermarsch are characterized by a great fertility of the soil, which is reflected in a versatile agricultural use. To this day, there are old farms with outbuildings whose original function has been lost. Larger and more specialized machinery, changes in livestock management and more have deprived some of the buildings of their use. Nevertheless, they are an important cultural-historical testimony of past times.

Michael Herold from Heiligenstedten has taken on this forgotten cultural heritage. He used the lockdown of the Corona era to photographically capture the historic buildings in the countryside. With an eye for aesthetics and the specificity of each building, he captured the charm of bygone eras. In his book of the same name, he has collected more than 60 buildings from the Steinburg district. The Prinzeßhof District Museum is showing a selection of his paintings.

Kreismuseum Prinzeßhof
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