Fluvius: Art in a box – a gallery in the city center

17 – 30 September 2022

The Fluvius art festival will explore a wide variety of ways to bring art into public spaces….

Ten regionally located artists from a wide variety of backgrounds were invited to create miniature exhibition spaces on the theme in moving boxes.

For this purpose, numerous tradesmen in Itzeho’s city center could be won over to grant them a home. On wooden frames, these miniature galleries are now placed in front of the store doors and transform Kirchenstraße and Breite Straße via Berliner Platz into an open-air exhibition space – always in good weather and during the opening hours of the tradespeople.

The exhibited works offer a wide range of approaches and techniques: from etching and painting to photography and ceramics – from cardboard to cardboard the view of the subject changes.

The exhibition will open on Saturday, September 17 at 11:00 a.m. in front of the Tourist Information Office, Breite Str. 4 and will be on display until September 30.

During the second week of the exhibition, Robert Hirse will give introductions to his hybrid sculpture TRINA in front of the location at Berliner Platz (dates to be announced here).

We would like to expressly thank the tradespeople for their commitment.

Participating cultural professionals:
Helena Barbas / Gertrud Fröbe / Robert Hirse / Helga Kasüske / Jan Meifert / Michael Ruff / Richard Scheffler / Silke Schröder / Regina Schween / Ilsetraut Widderich

Participating cultural workers and tradesmen can be found at the following locations:

Wide Street:

Berliner Platz:

Church Street:

More info is available here.