Full support of the region for “New Sturgeon Loop

Mayors of surrounding communities see outstanding development opportunities for the city.

Tailwind from the Itzehoe region: Itzehoe’s mayor Dr. Andreas Koeppen (3rd from right) is pleased about the support of his colleagues from the surrounding communities for the “New Stör Loop” project. Photo: RegionNorth

The steering group of the city-surrounding area cooperation of the Itzehoe region, to which all 17 surrounding municipalities belong, has unanimously endorsed the “New Stör Loop” project in Itzehoe. In their most recent steering group meeting, the community representatives explicitly backed the project. It not only offers outstanding development opportunities for Itzehoe’s city center, but will also enhance the quality of life in the entire Itzehoe region. In the long term, the “New Stör Loop” also ties up purchasing power in the city and makes an important contribution to climate protection and climate adaptation, according to the resolution of support. “We have started to make our city center more beautiful piece by piece. New places are being created that invite people to linger. The ‘New Stör Loop’ is literally of central importance in this. I am therefore very pleased about the broad support of the surrounding communities,” says Dr. Andreas Koeppen, Mayor of Itzehoe and also Chairman of the Itzehoe Region. One part of the area “New Stör Loop” is located in the redevelopment area of the city center and can be financed by urban development funds. The other parts are to be implemented as part of a funding program for the adaptation of urban areas to climate change.

The Itzehoe region also sees the active involvement of the city’s population through the referendum on 26.09.2021 as positive, in which not only Mayor Koeppen hopes for lively participation. But that’s not all: citizens are actively involved in the urban development process. For example, online project websites with interactive maps and a series in the Itzehoer “Stadtzeitung” newspaper provide information about the project. There will also be a creative contest for children. In addition, citizens have the opportunity to contact the city directly with their questions and suggestions and to exchange information about the project. The info office at 48 Breite Strasse is open Wednesdays from 3-5 p.m. and Thursdays from 10-12.