Heimatmuseum Lägerdorf

(c) Peter Jörgensen
Breitenburger Straße 23
25566 Lägerdorf
Tel.: 04828 7903456
Jeden 2. und 4. Sonnabend im Monat von 14.00 bis 18.00 Uhr. Termine auch nach Vereinbarung.

The Lägerdorf local history museum has had an eventful history. In 1950, teacher Otto Pazerat began to set up a local history collection in the building of the former “Alte Schulstraße” elementary school. From 1971, this became the responsibility of the then head of the VHS, Reimer Wentorp. In 1980, the museum was reopened by Gerhard Korell in the former post office building and was run by him for 30 years until its temporary closure in the “Haus am Kamp”.

Several years passed before the idea of housing the local history museum in part of the former town hall could finally be realized. Renovation work began in 2018 and the new museum of local history was officially opened on August 16, 2019. The local history collection is now presented on two floors in the renovated five rooms.