Sportanglerverein Itzehoe und Umgegend

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Gasstraße 37
25524 Itzehoe
Tel.: 04821 5015

With the variety of different structures such as streams, ponds and hollows and their unique nature, the club invites fishing. In this context, the sturgeon is of particular importance. Here you can hunt for sea trout and salmon using a variety of fishing methods. At our home waters, the Moorkuhlen in Krempermoor-Bockwisch, where also the clubhouse “Moorkate” is located, you can find peace and relaxation.

The youth group is an integral part of SAV Itzehoe and currently has about 80 young people. It is subject to its own youth rules and is led by a youth board, which consists of the youth director, deputy, treasurer, secretary and a youth spokesperson.