Mission statement of the itzehoe region

What we stand for

The mission statement of the Itzehoe region represents the cornerstones of the regional future strategy with an internal function (strengthening the “we-feeling”) and an external effect (sense of departure, demarcation and positioning). The content for the region’s mission statement was defined and described in the four cornerstones in a multi-stage process. Eight guidelines determine the development perspectives of the Itzehoe region and are intended to distinguish it from others. The guiding motto is “High-tech & joie de vivre in the North”.

About us

The Itzehoe economic area is the central residential and business location of the Steinburg district. The region positions itself in the north of the Hamburg metropolitan region with an independent profile and excellent development potential. Urban flair combines here with rural idyll and the charm of the villages.

The church St. Laurentii is the landmark of Itzehoe

Living in the region

In regional cooperation, a differentiated range of housing for young and old with a comprehensive infrastructure is provided in a timely manner and in line with demand in accordance with the different requirements of the housing market.

Working in the region

Economic future potentials can develop in the economic area of Itzehoe. The region is recognized regionally and internationally as an attractive business location and has professional marketing. In the HH metropolitan region, the Itzehoe economic area has a clearly identifiable profile and is attractive to companies and workers alike.

The Innovation Center near Itzehoe – a driving economic factor in the region
At B&H in Itzehoe you will find a wide range of brands

Shopping in the region

The region offers a consumer-oriented basic supply, for all further demands and needs there is a comprehensive offer in the shopping city of Itzehoe.


The great variety of intact natural areas with the Stör as a defining landscape element offers the best conditions for attractive living, charming local recreation and the opportunity to experience nature.

Affordable housing and nature right on the doorstep – the itzehoe region offers a high quality of life


The Itzehoe economic region is a region of short distances. The region lies at the intersection of transnational transport axes. The A23, the future A20, the railroad and the proximity to Hamburg Airport offer good connections to other economic areas. An attractive user-oriented transport network is achieved through the sensible linking of the individual modes of transport in the region.

Living in the Itzehoe region

An excellent cultural offering, high-quality educational institutions and a comprehensive social infrastructure (hospitals, doctors, kindergartens and crèches, facilities for young people and the elderly, and much more) are important components of the regional range of services. We partners are committed to the goal of maintaining this diversity of offerings in the region.

Numerous events and festivals make the itzehoe region attractive

The region in the north of the Hamburg metropolitan region

The special qualities make our region worth living and loving and particularly attractive. We are jointly developing these location factors through coordinated measures.