Temporary pump track in the city center

Theodor-Heuss-Platz becomes a bike track for four weeks

Theodor-Heuss-Platz becomes a bike track for four weeks

The Modular Pumptrack is the most modern way to promote movement! Pumptracks are wave-shaped tracks with curved elements, on which you move with a roller sports device by loading and unloading your body weight. The “World Cup” has a length of about 65 meters and an area of about 380 m².

Riding on the track is quickly learned, from the three-year-old child on a running bike to the professional BMX rider honing riding and jumping techniques. From beginners to professionals in every generation, spectators and riders gather around the track, and all roller sports are covered.

Ideal in the autumn and winter months, also as an alternative to an ice rink. It almost feels like ice skating when you glide over the undulating tracks from Modular Pumptrack or roll along on your roller sports equipment of choice. In addition, the track is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, consuming neither electricity nor water to operate! By the way, even in wet conditions, driving is possible without any problems. The Modular Pumptrack is characterized by non-slip surface and high safety standards.

From 28.10. you will find the track for four weeks at Theodor-Heuss-Platz (ZOB) . Organized by the Initiative-Pumptrack at the paddling pool and supported by the company Parkitect and Tapper & Hollmann as well as the city of Itzehoe, which provides the area between the district court and the AOK in the area of the future Neue Störschleife.

More on the Facebook page of the Initiative-Pumptrack: www.facebook.com/pumptrackamplanschbecken

Photo (c) www.modularpumptrack.com