Well over 2,000 participants in “Dein Itzehoe

Survey result – WLAN, miniature golf, more nightlife and places on the water among the favorites – First workshop to concretize projects

On June 30, the campaign “Is Itzehoe YOUR Itzehoe?” ended as part of the inner city development program of the state of SH. The turnout was unexpectedly high at 2,238 people – a good 50 percent of them from Itzeho, while the other half were mainly people from the Steinburg district and the surrounding area – aged between 12 and 99. The survey was conducted online by the city management on behalf of the city of Itzehoe to find out what Itzehoe wants for its city center. Itzehoe’s mayor Ralf Hoppe is delighted with the results: “We are thrilled with the response to the survey. It shows that there is great interest in the future of our city – regardless of whether praise or criticism is expressed.” But Hoppe also feels the obligation that comes from asking specifically for wishes, especially since one or two people remain skeptical: “I’ll believe it when I see it!”

All information and the survey results are available here.