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Exhibition "From Elbe, Stör and Bosporus"

Picture (c) Wenzel-Hablik-Museum

From the Elbe, Stör and Bosporus. Landscapes and seascapes by Wenzel Hablik

“But no one has ever painted the sea like me,” wrote Wenzel Hablik in his diary on Sylt in August 1908. From childhood, the painter and craftsman, whose home was the Brüx Mountains in Bohemia, was shaped by his experience of nature. Ever since his hike through the Alps and his ascent of Mont Blanc in 1906, he saw the mountain world as an expression of “mighty nature”. In 1913, he painted the impressive rock massif of the Zlatnik on the edge of the Bohemian Central Mountains. A painting scholarship on the island of Sylt confronted him with the sea for the first time, which he has since understood as an equal expression of the eternally active forces of nature. A journey lasting several months took him to Constantinople and Asia Minor, during which he climbed the Mysian Olympus in the province of Bursa. On the Stör, Sylt, Föhr and Helgoland as well as in Dithmarschen, he was fascinated by waves, clouds, weather events and night moods. For him, they were an expression of creative nature, which he depicted in ornamentally stylized forms and a distinctly colourful painting style.

At the same time, the permanent exhibition on the work of Wenzel Hablik on the upper floor of the museum will open after a long closure. We ask for your understanding that, due to fire regulations, only 10 people may enter the upper floor at any one time.

An overview of all dates and the accompanying program can be found here.

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