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Women Rebels" exhibition

Photo: Princess Juliane zu Hessen-Kassel served as abbess of the Prinzeßhof from 1810 to 1860 and laid the foundation stone for the first Itzehoe hospital. (c) Prinzeßhof District Museum

Rebels – Important women in the district museum

Over the centuries, there have always been women who have achieved something special and changed society with their commitment – women who, like Sophie Scholl, actively resisted or, like Beate Uhse, contributed to an enlightened society. As women have long led a shadowy existence in historiography, the Prinzeßhof District Museum is now dedicating an exhibition to them.

“Rebellinnen” tells stories of quiet resistance and loud rebellion, courageous deeds and unusual decisions, non-conformity and strength of will. The focus is on women who questioned existing structures, challenged society, defied conventions and norms – and continue to do so to this day.

Portraits of women from all areas and classes of society are presented in order to make their work and significance visible. Traces of strong-willed women can also be found in the Steinburg district: the sculptor Ingeborg Blankenstein, the district president Annemarie Degkwitz and the internationally active entrepreneur and pioneer of hand weaving Elisabeth Hablik-Lindemann shaped the culture and history of our region.

Princess Juliane von Hessen-Kassel was also a remarkable woman. She was abbess of the monastery from 1810 to 1860 and resided in the Prinzeßhof. Juliane used her office and her wealth to improve the social situation in the city. In 1834, she laid the foundation stone for the first Itzehoe hospital, which was named “Julienstift” in her honor. These and other special stories await you on a visit to the district museum. An extensive supporting program with readings, lectures and a film evening will expand the offer! Further information is available at: www.kreismuseum-prinzeß or by telephone on 04821/ 1788 099.

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