Safely on the road with public transport-Steinburg

With a hearty “Moin Nachbar”, the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (hvv) welcomes the district of Steinburg!

All info about the new bus lines…

Since 01.01.2022, the district of Steinburg has been fully integrated into the Hamburg transport network. As a result, the hvv’s network area grows by a good 1,000 km² to more than 9,600 km².

In the course of this, the Schleswig-Holstein tariff was also replaced in the Steinburg district and the hvv tariff applies. The existing tariff rings C, D, E and F were extended to the district area. The hvv tariff is used for single and season tickets on all public transport routes. Not only the majority of commuters who travel to and from Hamburg will benefit from the more favorable conditions that this expansion of the network will bring, but also everyone who travels by bus and train in the Steinburg district. Because: The innovation brings price reductions for more than 70% of passengers. The reduced fares make public transport in the district more attractive, so that hopefully even more people from Steinburg will switch to bus and train. In addition, the district becomes more interesting as a residential location within the Hamburg metropolitan region and as a leisure destination for guests. Parallel to the integration into the hvv, the bus service was fundamentally expanded and redesigned. This will make local transport in the Steinburg district even more user-friendly.

Read more about the Steinburg network expansion here.


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