Dorfmuseum Ottenbüttel

Böverst Dörpstraat 1
25591 Ottenbüttel
Tel.: 04893 287
Jeden 1. Sonntag im Monat von 14-17 Uhr oder nach telefonischer Vereinbarung

The village museum Ottenbüttel shows you the farmer and craftsman life under the thatched roof of a half-timbered house. Flett, Döns, carpenter’s workshop and a cobbler’s room are built in original condition. The life of native birds and animals in a biotope is also depicted.

In the village chronicle the history of Ottenbüttel is archived in more than 10,000 documents and newspaper clippings; in the photo documentation “Ottenbüttel im Bild” you can view photographs of old Ottenbüttel buildings, village views and postcards. It also includes an overview of the original maps up to the satellite photo.